Tips To Improve Your Cinematography Skills

Tips To Improve Your Cinematography SkillsKnowing about medium, wide, and close-up shots is not the only requisite to excel in cinematography. There are plenty other aspects that you should be skilled at before you can take videos with that special touch. Here are some such tips that are sure to improve your cinematography and take it to new heights

Life experience

While it is allowed to get some hints from the work of other cinematographers, the best way to be unique is to develop your own way instead of copying from other cinematographers. When you increase your footwork and get more of practical experience personally, it can help in more ways than learning from a film, tutorial, or a school.  In short, cinematography cannot be copied or for that matter learnt. You need to learn the ropes by your own life experience, which is more significant than having the necessary technical knowledge.

Art of story telling

Whatever latest technology you may be using for your cinematography, the crux of it is telling a good story. While the latest gadgets and cameras may be awe-inspiring and produce great looking images, forgetting the fundamental storytelling can make all those gadgets go to waste.

Although you may get new and advanced technology, the art of storytelling with your camera, frame, and light settings is still the same just as we all need shoes for walking no matter what new things are invented. Since cinematography involves standing on your feet for long periods, using effective and solidly built shoes is a wise choice.


Light is without doubt the most important tool of a cinematographer. When you know when, how and where you can apply your knowledge of light to tell a story the right way, you have mastered it all. You need to ensure that your subject is visible and has the proper lighting. The challenge however lies in making the light itself a subject and letting it speak more than the other characters.

Doing the job right

As mentioned before there is no finite number of ways to complete the job. The trick here is finding the right environment, work and process, which helps you, be productive and efficient. Once you start experimenting with things, you will find the pieces fall in place and it will be just a matter of time before you build upon the core and form a unique style of your own.

For good cinematography, you need to have the right equipment and experience to get the right touch. And wearing shoes like those at helps to reduce the strain on your body, while working for long hours.


You need to know that when you are hired for a job, it is your vision that matters here and not the vision of other expert cinematographers. You may spend hours trying to reproduce the work of a popular cinematographer. But if the producer had wished for the work of that cinematographer he would not have hired you? You should understand that they depend on your unique ideas and vision and have hired you because of the good impression your style has made.