Six Extremely Inspiring Sports Movies of All Time

Six Extremely Inspiring Sports Movies of All Time

It’s the dying seconds; the crowd goes wild, jeering, screaming, and cheering. The scenes take you at the heart of the action. It’s the last ten seconds, then the game is over. The movie’s done.

Sports-themed movies are not uncommon in Hollywood. The adrenaline-pumping, riveting scenes never fail to catch the imagination of movie-goers. Everyone just loves the roller-coaster of emotions that these movies take us to; and our affection to these movies just proves our competitive nature.

Sports films can be based on any sporting event: boxing, basketball, racing, athletics, basketball, and even figure skating. These movies can range from comedies to biopics to dramatic films. A sports movie making it big in the cinemas is a rarity. But when it does, it can easily influence people to love the game in the movie. For instance, when the blockbuster hit Space Jam hit the cinemas, a lot of kids went out to love basketball. After watching Match Point, a film by Woody Allen, I actually went out to try table tennis myself. Good thing there was still no websites like Peak Striker or else I would have been buying badminton stuff too.

There are a lot of ways a writer can highlight a story. It can be based on true to life story or fictional characters. But one of the most common elements in sports films is the struggle of an underdog to overcome the struggles and triumph in the end. Because of this prevalent underlying theme, sports movies have always been a source of inspiration.

Here let’s take a look at six extremely inspiring sports movies of all time.

  1. Million Dollar Arm

This inspiring movie takes us to the life of a fading sports agent travelling to outskirts of India in search for the nest pitching sensation. He hopes that his find will resurrect his dimming career. The uncertainties poised to him and the lessons he learns as he trains his wards are definitely a source of inspiration.

  1. Rocky

Who hasn’t seen this epic saga? It tells the story of how the greatest boxer the world has seen has triumphed. It puts to the center stage the most common themes in life. Relating to the story of Rocky is not difficult as his story is everyone’s!

  1. Chariots of Fire

Thanks to this classic film, we got the Vangelis tune as a source of inspiration. Chariots of Fire follows the story of two devout runners – a Jewish and a Christian – who are fighting it out for a chance to participate in the 1924 Olympics. But the movie is not really about winning the coveted gold but is a source of inspiration that truly touches the heart.

  1. Rudy

This 1993 drama showcases a universal theme that anyone can find inspiration from. It is a moving story especially if you are struggling to rise in your current state in life. I guess anyone can relate to Rudy, someone who has been repeatedly told he cannot achieve anything in life. Against all odds, he finally reaches his goal – the Notre Dame football field.

  1. Ali

The life of the Great Muhammad Ali is replete with inspiration. Director Michael Mann and Will Smith collaborated to create this outstanding biopic that chronicles the struggles and triumphs of Ali. The movie follows the life of Ali from being a champion to being stripped of his belt then springing back to the top as he knocks out George Foreman.

  1. Seabiscuit

Set during the Great Depression, Seabiscuit is a heart-wrenching movie about a blind jockey and his horse, and how they changed the minds and hearts of the people.  Seabiscuit is not your regular racing horse. Sibiscuit’s predicament was bad – a gambling-addict trainer and depressed owner – these just don’t make for a champion racehorse. But despite all these negativity surrounding Sibiscuit, it was his remarkable connection with his blind jockey that pulled them past a number of races.

Sports-themed movies have been a source of great inspiration for movie goers. It is not surprising how this genre has continued to flourish and evolve through the years. Although a blockbuster movie under this genre is a rarity, it’s hard not to acknowledge and recognize these great stories.