Dangers of Religious Radicalism

Dangers of Religious Radicalism

Before getting started on our usual Franklyn fare, it seems appropriate to take a moment to say something about the people of Brussels, in Belgium. Like many of us, they too know now the dangers of religious radicalism, and what can potentially happen when extremists are allowed to have their way. Don’t get movies and reality mixed up though – this isn’t some simple bad ending with a lesson to teach. People perished, and for that we send out our condolences. Know that you’re not alone in grieving for loved ones and wanting justice for those who would commit such egregious attacks in the first place.

It’s a shame that ruthless faith and religious fervor don’t stay in movies, where they can’t cause real harm to real people, but this isn’t Franklyn – this is real life. The recent attack in Brussels is a stark reminder of what happens when radicals are left unchecked by more moderate minds, and it is so much more powerful a message than the one told by our favorite movie that it almost seems silly to talk about a piece of film when something so much more relevant is happening right at the same time.

So today when the news is filled with tales of destruction, we want to encourage people to create something, to build something. It doesn’t have to be something complicated or something large, because even small experiences can take us very far when they teach us things we did not know about ourselves. Consider taking up gardening, growing flowers, vegetables or fruits indoors with the use of electric lighting. With the right tools and mindset, creating is actually easier than destroying, and that’s an important lesson for people to learn. The information at Plantozoid can help you more with growing.

It may seem kind of morbid, but if you put together the string of attacks which have ripped through the European Union and other parts of the world over the last year, you might just have a movie. It’s hard to imagine who would want to watch such a movie, but there has been enough killing and terrorizing to fill at least a couple of hours at a stretch. And again, this is the real deal, not people acting on a stage, picking up roles and faking injuries they walk off as soon as they leave view. If only that were true, these times wouldn’t be so tragic.

Even if you’ve got no green thumb and the thought of growing something fills you with dread, it might be a good idea to find some other way to be creative and produce something. Maybe recording your own thoughts about the recent happenings and sharing them with the world through some social media outlet or video sharing website would be a better fit for you. On the other hand, if gardening works, that’s quite a bit easier. Just check this website for more information about how to get started doing that and good luck to you.