Our Top Favorite Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies

Our Top Favorite Sci-Fi and Fantasy MoviesGoing through the same routine day in and day out can take its toll on a person easily. At times like this, a person may wish to escape from reality leaving everything behind, even if it is for a short time. Watching a fantasy film, is one such escape that many people embrace gladly. Whether it is a young kid or an adult, people love fantasy movies. They have been for a long time providing enthusiastic fans with charming, bizarre, scary and thrilling other world scenes. Here are some top all time fantasy movies that have you transported easily to a world of incredible, bizarre yet fun filled events.

The Last Unicorn

This 1982 movie, adapted from Peter S. Beagles’ book, has quite a spectacular imagery that has obviously drawn a lot from Japanese animation. And what makes the movie even better is its stellar voice cast of Alan Arkin, Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lee and Jeff Bridges.

Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope movie

Star Wars is an all-time favorite with fans in all age groups. This 1977 movie is one of the best in the series. The starry skies and glittering space ships are a sight to watch. One of our members has an entire collection of Star Wars LED deco lamp collection. He is fan of LED bulbs too and recommends using the LED bars at LightBarReport for a safe and happy nighttime travel. This science fiction extravaganza has Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill,, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels and Phil Brown among others in its cast.


This movie has the 1950s idealism colliding with 1990s easygoing optimism. Gary Ross has done a commendable job of infusing life into this colorful fantasy albeit part of it being in black and white.

The Last Witch Hunter

This 2015 film is a treat for Vin Diesel fans. Diesel keeps flitting between a dream world and New York to help defeat the Witch Queen who plots to destroy humanity. This movie is an excellent example of contemporary backdrop for a modern fantasy. Our members had a great time watching this movie on a Saturday night. Although it was long drive back, we didn’t have to worry as we had these awesome curved LEDs fitted to our vehicle. Having a powerful light sure does give you a great deal of confidence and comfort.


For fantasy movie fans, this 2009 film is a sure treat. The film has some really frightening visuals and is so meticulously detailed that it is an awesome frightmare, which hard-core fantasy enthusiasts would love to gobble up.

Toy Story 3

Lee Unkrich’s third in the Toy Story series, this film featuring an awesome voice cast of Tom Hanks, Michael Keaton, Tim Allen, Whoopi Goldberg, Ned Beatty and others is a delight for fans who had lapped up the earlier two movies with relish. This film too doesn’t disappoint fans and is indeed a fitting ending to the series.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 2003

This movie is the best of the trilogy and has some wonderfully redeeming features woefully absent in the earlier two of the series. With spectacular special effects and an arresting storyline this movie gives the best ever fantasy experience.

Tips For Making Professional Amateur Movies

Tips For Making Professional Amateur Movies

Have you ever tried to shoot an interesting scene but it comes out looking like a terrible Vine shot on someone’s iPhone 4? Making a film isn’t easy, and making sure it doesn’t look like garbage is even harder. But it isn’t impossible. Don’t settle for less than your vision. Here are a few tips for making your amateur film look more professional.


Having high-quality equipment is a no-brainer if you want your movie to look good. Not everyone can afford professional equipment but there are a few things you shouldn’t skimp on.


Bad sound is distracting, and can really ruin the entire movie-watching experience.  The microphone on your recording device is probably not going to be up to snuff if you want good quality sound. Rent a professional mic for the duration of your shoot. They’re surprisingly cheap to rent, and will make a huge difference to your sound quality.


Unless you’re making another Blair Witch sequel you probably want to keep your camera steady. Invest in a tripod to avoid the shaky cam look. You can also search for tutorials online that tell you how to make different kinds of camera rigs for cars and other spaces in which it may be difficult to film.


First, match the lighting to the genre of film you’re making. Horrors don’t take place on sunny streets and well-lit buildings. Before anything else your lighting will set the tone for your film so be aware of what you’re shooting, how its lit, and whether it gels with the genre of film you’re trying to create.

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