Great Classic Horror Films

It’s about time for Halloween, and I’m looking forward to watching all of my favorite horror movies. Noir movies and mystery movies like Franklyn are a lot of fun too, but there is a certain time of year when you just want to watch a great scary movie. And few movies are more scary than the classics of horror. Here are a few of our favorite horror movies to bring some fear into your Halloween. Enjoy! But don’t get too scared…

Nightmare on Elm Street

This classic horror movie spawned a huge franchise that crossed over with other franchises as well, such as Friday the 13th. It is about a demon that lives in people’s dreams, and can kill them through the dreams. If Freddy Krueger kills you in a dream, you die in the real world too! There are a series of murders that no one can understand, but the heroes of this story quickly realize they have to find some way to fight Freddy. But how do you fight someone that lives in a dream?


Of course… What movie could be better for Halloween than the movie that has the name in the title? Halloween features the scariest of the slasher villains: Michael Myers. Myers wears a grey mask and stabs his victims with a butcher knife in the dark. This movie also got a bunch of sequels, but only a few of them are good. The most controversial were the 2007 and 2009 remakes by director Rob Zombie; some people loved them for the new take, and others hated them for adding a backstory to Myers. Personally, I think they are amazing, but I understand why people don’t like them. Which ones are your favorite?


This story is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s story of the same name. It is about a man who is obsessed with bringing people back from the dead. It is both wacky and scary. At time it’s scary enough to make me want to hide under my covers with a paintball gun from Gun Wildfire! This movie was a cult hit, and still appears on HBO Halloween specials.

The Evil Dead

This is one of the few franchises where all of the movies are about equally good. The first is a cult classic; it’s scary, with just a few quippy lines. The second movie is a perfect mix of horror and comedy, and is an insane trip. Army of Darkness sends Ash Williams, the main character, back to the middle ages to fight the undead and is a real comedy treat. The 2013 remake took all the comedy away, but is a truly frightening movie that lives up to the original. These zombies are so tough that they wouldn’t flinch if you unloaded a hopper of paintballs at them!

These movies are classics. They are in my movie lineup every Halloween… Let me know what your favorite Halloween films are!