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james higginsonWelcome to Franklyn The Movie website. My name is James, thanks for visiting by!

This site is dedicated in part to Gerald McMorrow’s 2008 fantasy drama Franklyn, starring Ryan Phillippe, Eva Green, Sam Riley and Bernard Hill. The film follows four troubled characters across two separate realities as they deal with various tragedies  and losses. Though it is full of fantasy and mystery, at it’s heart the film is about the ways in which humans cope with trauma.

The alternate reality of Meanwhile City in Franklyn is an obvious homage to the noir style of filmmaking. The bleak, foggy streets are lined with sweeping gothic architecture and stern characters dressed in dramatic steampunk style. We are intrigued by the dark, stylized, sometimes dream-like qualities of film noir. However, we also appreciate the subtler nods to this striking style of filmmaking that come in the modern day London scenes of the film.

Film noir uses desolate locations, low lighting, and gruff characters to tell over-the-top, dramatic stories. They may initially seem too steeped in fantasy and mystery to be relatable, but the basic themes are always centered on the human experience. The modern neo-noir movement leaves some of the more overly-stylized elements of noir behind to focus on better developed, dimensional characters, and realistic settings. However, they still explore the same themes. These films examine love, lust, evil, betrayal, trauma, and justice.

Franklyn is a wonderful mix of both the stylized, dark, over-the-top style of classic noir films, and the more muted, understated style of modern neo-noir films.

On this site we will discuss in-depth the themes and style of Franklyn. We will also write about noir and neo-noir films in general, and delve a into filmmaking and movie production.

We hope you enjoy our discussions of what noted American film critic Roger Ebert called “the most American film genre”.